Marie’s Story

A Heritage of Homemade Taste

From the time she was a little girl, Marie Callender believed that the simple act of slowing down to savour and share a good meal made from wholesome ingredients and special touches, could strengthen the bonds between friends and family.


Nurturing Families with Food

When you serve Marie Callender’s® meals, you know you’re serving food that has the power to nuture everyone at the table. So, show your loved ones you really care with the homemade goodness of Marie Callender’s®.

Quality Ingredients Make the Difference

Marie sold the family car in the 1940’s to open a pie and coffee shop. People loved her high quality ingredients, like farm grown vegetables and premium cuts of meat; and appreciated the care she put into everything she made. It wasn’t long before her shop expanded into a chain of restaurants within the US, and eventually into the legendary meals you find at your grocery store today.